Why Implementation of Enterprise Application Fails

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Why Implementation of Enterprise Application Fails

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Why Implementation of Enterprise Application Fails
An Enterprise application is the business process management software that is designed to integrate all levels of business operations and processes like human resource, inventory, manufacturing, and distribution; for a seamless flow of information. An advanced enterprise application system links the firm’s business partners, suppliers, and customers. On the other hand, business process re-engineering- a subset of Enterprise application-is an innovative and a core business process that aims at the elimination of costs and redundancies in the business. It seeks to wholly restructure and redesign processes, differently from the existing, through an unrestricted method that looks beyond the defined boundaries, to bring substantial change. Lastly, mergers and acquisitions are the consolidations of companies’ assets to create a stronger and valuable team through wealth maximization.
Many businesses globally have tried implementing enterprise applications to enjoy the benefits that come with it. However, this has proved to be difficult due to the complexity and cost associated with it. Moreover, some companies that have successfully implemented this have not enjoyed the benefits despite the high-cost of investments. Poor project management is one factor that leads to failure of implementation of EA. This scenario occurs when some companies do not see the importance of employing a proj…

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