why I chose the school I chose

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why I chose the school I chose

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Dean of Admissions
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RE: Reasons for Joining School YY
Dear Dean of Admissions,
As a student and a young individual, the most important things that I pursue in life include education and a satisfying social experience. Therefore, I always yearn to be in places that challenge not only my intellectual capabilities but also other aspects of my life with the goal of improving my personality and competencies. After conducting thorough research on the available community colleges, I am excited to join school YY because it not only offers the course of my choice but also due to its outstanding performance. The wide variety of programs as well as the learning resources available will improve my learning experience. Having gone through the school mission statement and core values, I am enthusiastic about the institution since it instills discipline in students by upholding integrity and responsible behavior.
I am also excited to join this school due to its convenient location. Having the chance to learn in an institution that is located within a central city is the ultimate goal of any young person. Given the fact that I enjoy extra-curriculum activities, I can always use my free time to explore the career opportunities that the city offers by volunteering in relevant institutions or participating in community service programs that the school provides. Participating in relevant activities within an…

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