Why do you want to attend UWC

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Why do you want to attend UWC

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Why do you want to attend UWC
I want to attend UWC because of the coherence of my personal aims and objectives with that of the reputable institution. I believe in Kaizen and all of its principles that pertain to constant self-improvement for the necessitated maintenance of equilibrium that sustains all forms of life on the planet. I believe that UWC’s attention and depth of educational intervention in my life, together with consistent hard work, shall supplement my desires to better prepare for the transdisciplinary world of data deluge. With disruption, challenges, and failures becoming a common eventuality; my motivation to attend is based on the enhancement of competence and credibility; acceptance and nullification of mistakes; nurturing of intellectual curiosity and the building of both character and cognizance.
UWC’s focus on investment in social capital and an innate drive to work towards holistic wellbeing and economic prosperity for all of mankind inspires me to apply as a prospective candidate. The promise of capacity building, of both skills and characteristics, formulated on the principles of deliberate diversity and mutual responsibility are the two cardinal factors that ensure the provisioning of efficacious team members and a shared purpose to work towards that is devoid of hindrances.
My belief in the excellence and personal compatibility with UHC is evidence-based as your exuberant educational model revolves around a globally dispersed and equally…

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