Why are you pursuing a career as a nurse?

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Why are you pursuing a career as a nurse?

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Why Are You Pursuing a Career as a Nurse?
The dream of becoming a nurse came into my mind when I was seven years old. My father is a doctor and seeing the happiness he had after treating people from my community; it inspired me to be in the nursing field. During holidays, I had to accompany my father to wok just to help nurses with some light duties within the healthcare environment. All the time, I witnessed how nurses were providing care and even encouraging patients on what to do so that they would recover quickly. The personal relationship that existed between the nurses and patient is what made me more interested in this field. Also, my dream was to find a job which I would be able to socialize and even help the whole nation irrespective of tribe or race.
Another thing that I considered is to work in a field which I can learn continuously and gain more knowledge. Nursing provides one with an opportunity to learn continuously and share skills and abilities with other workers on a daily basis (Fawcett & McCulloch 55). For instance, as a nurse, I can work in different departments and meet with different medical assistance whom we can share life challenges. Also, I am always glad to see people are healthy and they are doing their daily chores happily. The nursing field is the best area which can make people happy and even educate them how they can stay away from certain chronic diseases. Apart from socializing, nursing provides me wi…

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