White Supremacy

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White Supremacy

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White Supremacy
The request for a time slot from Jim Berlinger of the Positive Action Group (PAG) is legitimate on the surface by meeting all the application requirements that include 500 signatures from the members of the community. However, research into the activities of the group reveals that the group is a shell cover for a white supremacist group.
Thesis: According to the Kantian Ethics, the principle of universalizability requires the permissibility of action once it applies to all people without contradiction.
Subsequently, PAG with its support of white supremacy does not meet the requirements of the Kantian ethics (Kleingeld 578). Allowing airtime for PAG creates an avenue for them to propagate their agenda through the recruitment of new members to the hate faction. The outcomes will include an increase in the racial divide that is already tearing Americans apart.
The board members all have engagements within the society that may cause them to have a conflicting point of view on the matter. Ultimately, their commitment is first to their social engagements which contradict with Ellen’s presentation against the PAG and their white supremacy agenda. Therefore, it is likely that they will oppose her.
While the call is for the board to act against racism and white supremacy groups, the opposition from the board may stem from their various commitments to society. For instance, Lashawn Dinkins, a modern Kantian, may advoca…

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