What We Can’t Not Know, or On Being A Theologian Of The Cross.

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What We Can’t Not Know, or On Being A Theologian Of The Cross.

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What We Can’t Not Know by J. Budziszewski
Budziszewski presents a well-thought argument to those who believe that there is no law and that common sense of a person is what can be perceived as moral or immoral (Budziszewski 13). In other words, the group of persons has a strong belief that what they think is moral to them is the moral or accepted code of behavior and no specific law defines what is moral and immoral in the society. According to Budziszewski, there is a moral code of behavior and this moral can be learned if a person gets the knowledge about God. He believes that if a person knows God, that person will be able to see the real moral and immoral actions of the world as compared to how people judge these actions using their common sense. He goes ahead and categorized people into three different categories; the persuaded, the half-persuaded and the wish-that-were-persuaded. He calls the wish who were persuaded as those who are lost in the world, and they could go right back on track if they could accept and believe in the existence of God. Budziszewski argues that knowledge about God is “what we can’t know.”
Question 1
According to Budziszewski, there are fundamental moral foundations that guide religious activities, or that religion is based. He argues that the knowledge of God is the beginning of having a great conscience in judging what is moral and what is not. However, people claim not to know thi…

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