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The Singer Solution to World Poverty
Peter Singer was a philosopher and a lecturer at the Princeton University, as an ethicist, he tried to come up with a solution to poverty. He came up with an argument whereas he related humans and the animals to an even level of morals. He sees humans be less generous and very unkind to others. This is evident through two narrations; Bob and the Bugatti and Dora with the boy she took to a human peddler without knowing. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss the Singer’s solution to world poverty.
Singer argues that children are more worth to be saved from poverty compared to the adults. He says that young children have no authority over their poverty levels as they have not brought poverty on themselves (Singer N.p). He suggests that when debt is solved on children, it helps them in their future to establish themselves to better persons, especially at their transformation levels, from childhood. Singer sees everyone having the ability to help the children who are suffering from overseas it only needs them to sacrifice to restore life from sickness and death
Singer identifies two types of people both with an ability to save a life. For example Bob as in the story, he is seen to have the ability to determine whether the kid survives from being killed by the train or choosing his car which is his pride to survive. Bob decides not to throw the switch to stop the train from crushing the bo…

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