What is Intersectionality?

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What is Intersectionality?

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1. Intersectionality is a theory in sociology that defines multiple threats of discrimination that have a likelihood of occurring when a person’s identity overlaps a number of minority classes in the society for instance gender, race, health, ethnicity among other identity markers (Collins et al., 46).
2. Intersectionality theory dictates that people are often disadvantaged by various oppression sources for example race, and class and the more the minority classes an individual’s identity falls in, the higher the chances of intersectionality occurring. Intersectionality brings to light the fact that these identity markers do not exist independently and the more the markers an individual has, the more the oppressed they become. For example, back adult male worker and white female worker earn $0.74 and $0.78 respectively per one dollar earned by a white male worker. Black women who are faced with more identity markers s are more oppressed as they earn a mere $0.64.
3. From the infographic about CCCOnline, I feel that I am represented in all aspects that have been presented.
4. I would add the category of individuals living with a disability. Many people living with disability face various forms of oppression in their daily lives. Many organizations are reluctant to hire them and even after hiring them, the working conditions are never favorable for persons living with disability.
5. I wouldn’t say tha…

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