what if you had the power to stop a war.

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what if you had the power to stop a war.

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Battle of Gonzales and battle of Alamo
War is always a mysterious happening that usually posts a lot of harm to people directly and indirectly. Although all events of war have adverse effects, depending on the magnitude and intensity of each victim may have varied experiences (Kennedy, 6). War commanders have a louder voice on any war event that arises because warriors look up to them for further directions. However, sometimes some situations prompt for such actions to be done for example the battle of Gonzales.
Texans had to fight for their freedom in the battle of Alamo. I would personally say that this was not something to die for. It was an already lost battle in as much as because the Mexicans looked stronger in the war (Caravantes, 1). If I was in a position to stop that I would have informed the Texans on the glaring consequences and the entire aftermath of the war.
With the battle of Gonzales, it was just a matter of agreeing that the smoothbore cannon is returned after it had been given to the town in 1831. The refusal by settlers is what made colonel Ugartechea dispatch forces to oversee the seizure of guns (Kennedy, 8).
To prevent the war from taking the course if I were in power, I would have commanded the settlers to do as requested by the colonel instead of resisting the request when they would still at some point after fighting to comply.

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