What does it all meeeaan?

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What does it all meeeaan?

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Pop Culture
Pop culture is a modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people. It makes little to no categorical distinctions such as the difference in social class, education and other variables within the community. Pop culture has developed over time, thanks to the influence of online social media services (“Does Pop Culture Need To Be “Popular”?). Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have in a big way improved pop culture. This thus poses the question of whether online pop culture is essential in mass media and arts. Online pop culture cannot be ignored because it has significant influence and impact on media and other affiliated bodies.
In order for pop culture to be effective, it has to be popular and known by nearly everyone. For instance, for videos to go viral on the internet, they need to be popular and enticing to the viewers (Allocca). A look at the internet culture makes us see the notable effects it has had on pop culture. The role played by YouTube in the upbringing of new stars on the scene cannot go unnoticed (“Youtube At 10: How An Online Video Site Ate The Pop Culture Machine”). The case scenario of Justin Bieber is a perfect example. With the internet, especially YouTube, the rise of new reality stars has become more probable.
Social media and pop culture go hand in hand. The popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook has made it even…

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