What do I have to offer the Air Force Medical Services?

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What do I have to offer the Air Force Medical Services?

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What do I have to Offer to the Air Force Medical Services
While I was pursuing my graduate degree, I developed a strong desire to serve my country. The Air Force Medical Services attracted me for such pursuit. I have noted that most of my peers are interested to pursue a career in the medical field and settle for a civilian life. However, I have always felt for the men who serve our country day and night, protecting us from the external and internal threats. I wanted to be amongst them in the very frontier and extend medical services to them in times of need. I have always been flexible and always try to take up challenging and diverse roles in life. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in Business Administration from Troy University.
Further, I am employed by the Columbus Fire Department as a firefighter. In fact, during my employment I had a strong feeling for joining the military services. I have noted the dedication and passion of the firefighters in rising to the occasion of exigencies, without caring for their lives. Then, I realized that if the firefighters could risk their lives, then our brave soldiers perform the same act in saving our country. In that pursuit, I made myself enrolled in a paramedic program through my employer. Moreover, after finishing my paramedic course, I want to join a Nursing school for serving the Medical Services Corps. I am inclined to the nursing course because I have noted that the Medi…

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