Welfare should be abolished

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Welfare should be abolished

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Welfare Should Be Abolished
In the past, up until the 1800s, the family, the church, individuals themselves and various non-governmental humanitarian organizations were the main agents of providing welfare. These locals ensured that the vulnerable and the less fortunate in the society, which constituted of the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled and the destitute had access to the basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. It was until the 1940s after the Second World War that most developed countries of our current world took up welfare as their responsible and hence the central governments of these countries made welfare their business (Daly & Mary, 96). That it is the right of every citizen of a country to have access to the basic human needs and thus the concerned government should ensure that this is achieved.
For this matter to be much clearer, the definition of welfare is essentially of importance. Basically, any program as to which the government is providing money or services to its needy citizens is a welfare program. The program may take place through social welfare provisions, social security or financial aid. Corporate welfare is in a case where the government involves itself into the business world and assists the businesses rather than allowing the free market to take its course.
The government’s intentions while starting this particular program were very good and remains good; …

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