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Website Content assignment for the Bachelor of PR page

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Web Content
Why bachelor of Public Relations
The Bachelor of public relations program is tailored to meet the need of the student in preparing him/her to be a valuable professional who can positively participate in the workplace. The degree aims at impacting practical skill on the learner to enable them to work in various organization including nonprofit, agency, consumer, government and corporate.
By the time the students are completing this course, they will have gained valuable knowledge and skills to help in planning the following spectrums of public relationship:
Marketing communications
Corporate Philanthropy
Media relations
Investor and government relations
Digital and social media content
Course Delivery
The learning process aims at meeting the job place demand that requires students to have the relevant experience to handle various assignments. Therefore, tutors will use a mix of real-life experience and theoretical work in teaching to enhance understanding (School of Media Studies, n.d.). The course will be skill oriented, and by the time of graduation, the student will be in high demand by employers in the job market. The various methods of enhancing hand on approach by the learners include research, presentations, consulting, developing social and digital content, proposal development, project management, publics peaking and planning. Participating in these activities will enhance student engagement in lea…

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