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Walterpope IP2

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Tools and Technologies
Various steps can be followed while solving customer issues. The first stage is problem identification. Some customer problems include faulty products, being transferred from department to department, long resolution time of their difficulties and receiving wrong information among others. These issues upset customers, and they may opt for alternative organizations. Therefore, some of the ways of identifying customers’ problems are reviewing past surveys and customer support call logs, monitoring customers’ activities online and having a feedback platform. These tools can help the organization know customers concerns which it doesn’t understand.
The second step is determining the cause of the problem. Some of the causes include the organization not keeping its promises, rude staff, poor customer service, low-quality products and customers repeating themselves over and over (Olga 1). These issues lead to businesses losing customers. They can, however, determine the problem cause through Root Cause Analysis methods which include 5 Whys Analysis, Fishbone diagram, Pareto analysis and brainstorming (Nair 1). The third step is generating options on the ways of solving customer problems. Some of the methods that can be used include providing fast access using platforms such as Salesforce desk and Zendesk, providing quality products, providing timely solutions for their problems which can be done through Microsoft software’s and h…

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