Voting Rights Act

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Voting Rights Act

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The world has gone through a lot of revolution regarding economics, social and political change. Political change, similar to other areas has become inevitable. The more people become enlightened, the more aspects such as human rights activities, political activities, minority activities and democratic movements begin to take shape. In past days and including the 18th and 19th century, it is only a few people who had voting rights or say in the government. Minority groups were exploited. However, with the coming of constitutional reforms, things have changed, and political stand in the world has become more and more inclusive of ideas from the citizens and other stake holders. The voting right or say in government has had positive impact including the elimination of racial segregation, exploitation of the minority group, changes of a dictatorship to a more democratic government among others (Belknap, 1991). The paper aims to discuss the voting rights vested among the citizens of the world in a variety of government.
The twenty-first century generation has lived to enjoy relative peace and benefits of stable democratic forms of government at various levels; urban government, state government and other levels of administration. The many freedoms enjoyed and rights guaranteed to the people in the constitution are just but examples of the benefits of these democratic governments. It is safe to say that many deve…

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