Visual Argument focusing on humanity

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Visual Argument focusing on humanity

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Visual Argument focusing on Humanity
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I settled on the picture with the description of guns because it focuses on humanity (College Composition II, 2015). The picture I settled on gives visual information on how society fails to make a positive influence in the world we live. The society finds it the easiest to capture guns and any other items associated with destruction. In the current society, many people suffer and end up dying because they lack the physical health that they require for their survival. When they seek for possible help and assistance, the society turns them down simply because they have no assurance that they require for the society to consider them. The picture above is, therefore, a typical example of visual argument focusing on humanity in an ideal society.
However, in the event a person feels like they need a gun, they can as well visit their local bank to purchase one like in the Columbine documentary. The argument portrays the society as backward based on what they view or consider better for the society (Joly, 1993). The society does not recognize what is better and human for them like realizing the help to survive. The general take on the right sense of humanity in an ideal society is a practice expected to be constructive and not constructive. The visual argument is the reality that we experience in the society.
There are special arguments that make it convincing. The advertisement for guns is very vis…

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