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Virtual Therapy
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Virtual therapy is the use of digital platforms to connect with distance medical practitioners and counsellors in a secure, discreetly and confidential platform. Virtual therapy is very accessible and convenient regarding time and cost. There are minimal instances of cancellation when dealing with virtual therapy. The client saves times from commuting to and from appointments. Most people fail to attend therapy sessions due to fear of running into known others in the waiting office (Andersson & Titov, 2014). Introduction of virtual therapy has solved the problem hence people can receive therapy comfortably in the homes. Through this, one feels more comfortable in a familiar home environment which enhances vulnerability and disclosure. Also, virtual therapy is flexible and secure since it combines different communication methodologies like audio/video conferencing, emailing and instant messaging (Berle et al., 2015). Through virtual therapy, the issue of social stigma is eliminated. Disadvantages of virtual therapy are technologically related issues like consistency in internet connection or problem with video chat platforms (Andersson & Titov, 2014). Additionally, it is difficult for the client to determine whether the virtual therapist is credible or reputable for the security of personal information.
Virtual therapy is suitable for clients struggling with common-life issues and those with social stig…

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