Virtual supply Chains

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Virtual supply Chains

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Virtual Supply Chains
Virtual supply chains is a network of supply chain processes that incorporates electronic links and organizational structure to facilitate an efficient and effective flow of information and physical goods seamlessly. A review of the article by de Mattos and Barbin Laurindo (310) indicates that virtual supply chain works with the interaction of information technology with other processes of an entity. In this regard, the operations of an organization are integrated with other technology tools to aid effective processes. The use of technology enhances information sharing and builds a high level of commitment which facilitates decision making within an enterprise. Similarly, the article on Toh and Zhang (79) shows that collaborative platforms enable virtual supply chains. According to the article, virtual supply chains works by having a technological approach to enhance collaboration. This means that technology serves as an enabler of other processes in a virtual supply chain.
One of the advantages of a virtual supply chain is that it builds efficiency. Toh and Zhang observe that virtual supply chains can transform the manner in which business processes are conducted by enhancing collaboration between parties. This helps to improve efficiency in the supply chain and the overall business. On the other hand, de Mattos and Barbin Laurindo (80) notes that the virtual supply chain enhances transparency since due to the inte…

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