Veteran Healthcare Problem

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Veteran Healthcare Problem

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Veteran Healthcare Problem
For many years, the veterans in the United States have continued to suffer as they struggle with poor health services, limited access, and bureaucratic operational system and processes (Schoen). Various attempts have been made to improve the healthcare of the veterans. However, the reforms have had minimal benefits as the veterans continue to face a myriad of challenges. Indeed, the United States has a health care system that functions poorly and thus does not fully meet the critical services that the veterans need (Wax-Thibodeaux). Ethics have played a central role in solving the problems faced by veterans in the healthcare system in the United States.

From the perspective of the Veteran Affairs (VA) managers it is demonstrated that some of the employees have concealed critical and valid information regarding the veterans for their benefit. Indeed, they have used the details of the veterans for their greater good in society. On the other hand, the employees have destroyed relevant documents and at the same time altered numbers (Randen). Notably, this is unethical to manipulate the information that is directed to offering veterans with better healthcare services. Indeed, this has demonstrated that they lack compassion for the veterans has made to suffer for many years.
On the other hand, whistleblowers have demonstrated that the officials dealing with veteran affairs have been more concerned abou…

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