USPS strategic Report

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USPS strategic Report

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United States Postal Services Strategic Report
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United States Postal Services Strategic Report
Over the last few decades, the United States Postal Corporation has faced a myriad of challenges that threaten its very existence. The Start of the challenges can be traced back to the 1970s, when the postal corporation threatened to close thousand of its stores in a bid to cut down on costs and some inefficiencies that were greatly affecting its profitability. The impact of the corporation of the American communities, especially in areas considered as rural areas, is huge. Closing down such a corporation affects thousands of people, customers and workers included as the corporation employs over 600,000 employees. The corporation has been saved from total closure by government bailouts that are as a consequence of public outcries. However, if the company does not experience a complete turnaround in the near future, its closure will be a certainty. The growth of the information age has pushed the corporation to the brink of extinction as new informational technologies that offer alternative ways of communications arise. Large private companies offering parcel and mail delivery services such as Fedex have grown and offer efficient delivery services that can match the United States Postal Corporation at its peak. One advantage that has always kept the postal corporation in business is its low-cost services, a feature that is…

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