Using Technology as Experience Framework

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Using Technology as Experience Framework

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Using Technology as Experience Framework
Using Technology as Experience Framework
User experience design is a method of improving user satisfaction by improving the usability, convenience, and content provided on the relationship between the user and the manufactured goods. The user experience design includes society human-computer interaction design, which is enlarged through addressing all the feature of manufactured goods or services as alleged by the users. The primary aim of user interface design is to produce a user interface that make it accessible, competent, and users friendly to operate a machine in the way that it will make the final product desirable(Farnham,,2013).
The user experience design creates a platform through which donors gets to the existing level of the product they release. The Donors can access the information and identification of the organization they are funding, hence motivated to support it more. Using web , the donors are in the position to get the project futility since they are less likely to act on the project if they realize it is making no different to the people. Distribution of responsibilities also motivates the donors to volunteer more, through web design they can know the cooperation of the organization and the division of responsibilities.
There are two case studies used to illustrate how the framework is used to think about design and inform it. The both case study guides the initial ideas of the design of …

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