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Initiatives of the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) was designed to encourage collaboration between health care providers and the public health system with the sole intention of improving access to medical care. ACA provides affordable health insurance options that suit the ordinary American citizen. Recently, there have been numerous initiatives which are geared towards promoting public health.
The first initiative, the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF), acts as a funding source for the various healthcare projects that the federal government is willing to fund. The US government has vowed to fund research, monitoring, and surveillance, purchase of healthcare infrastructure, hiring and training of healthcare practitioners (Chait and Glied 510). The US federal government is also dedicated to improving the quality and access of healthcare services all over the country. The primary motive is to ensure that the healthcare docket has been allocated enough resources to run its affairs smoothly.
The second initiative, the National Prevention Strategy (NPS), was developed to help increase the number of individuals who are healthy at any stage of life. NPS has embraced a myriad of strategic directions and priorities aimed at improving the quality of life (Chait and Glied 511). This initiative is already underway and running. NPS proposes the recommended policies, programs and system approac…

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