University of British Columbia (UBC) Personal Profile

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University of British Columbia (UBC) Personal Profile

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University Of British Columbia Personal Profile.
In the recent years, I have realized that every person has confronted problems that are unique to themselves from time to time because of the choices they make. About a year ago, I volunteered to teach piano lessons to a 2nd-grade student. Teaching lessons to someone else were something new to me. During my preparation for the lessons, I only thought of the materials that I would teach, but I did not know how teaching matters just as much. The challenge was that it was impossible to keep a six-year-old interested in a book with black and white bars. Seeing no improvements, I reached out to my piano teacher for advice, and she told me to be creative in how I teach and let them be engaged in the lesson. From that point forward, I made posters with new bars, and instead of having the book show each code, I displayed it on the piano and had her color on the sign. From this experience, I learned that nothing comes easy at first and that I have to develop the best attitudes and incorporate them into agendas to create excellent results.
During these moments of triumph and struggle in my CAS (creativity, activity, and service) project, I have come to learn some of the experiences that have undergone have changed me into a more applicable person in my community. The attitudes that have been instilled in me have given me a rare opportunity to push my limits and to dis…

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