Universal Health Care

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Universal Health Care

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Universal Health Care
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Universal Health Care
The state should accord universal health care to individuals without the means to afford primary health care as a basic commodity. The state spends significant amounts of money on health care, a field which the private sector also holds a stake. Olson states that among the many theories and material criteria of universal health care include John Rawls’ social contract theory (2012). A necessary element of any initial social contract between the state and individuals is the provision requiring universal health care by a single-payer system (Smith, 2013). This was the reasoning behind the United States’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) introduced by the Obama administration.
Rawls theory argues that the character of the social contract could be expressed by envisioning the promises made by people looking to form a community together given the original members were perceived as rational and just (Monagle & Thomasma, 2005). This is similar to Americans supporting universal health care policies brought forth by a government voted in through a democratic process. The element of societal rationality from the theory arises because of the supposition that they are knowledgeable of their societal interests and have chosen means of gaining their objectives. Furthermore, the individuals are just as a factor of lack of knowledge of certain personal interests (Monagle …

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