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Unit 3: Law Enforcement
Question 1
The modern law enforcement system in states like Texas reflects their heritage back from the early years of introducing law enforcement in America. Such states still strongly recommend the use of a watch system in their modern system. The system has been abandoned in some cities and town but is still used in such states.
Question 2
The nature of the mission of the private security industry is not in support of the union movement since it contradicts its tradition (Gill, 28). The purpose of the private security company is to protect commercial assets and property whereas union requires it to provide security to the citizens.
Question 3
The tradition of private security from the early periods when it was introduced was to the protection of commercial assets and business property. The significant factors that influenced the growth of private security companies were the growing commercial sector of the economy, the westward expansion of America, and difficult public law enforcement process (Gill, 44). Lack of a sufficient public force was also a factor for the introduction of the private security companies.
Question 4
One of the oldest contract security company in my area was McCray Global Protection.
Question 5
According to Gill (63), the early law enforcement process of American colonies imitated the British system in several ways. In the England system…

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