understanding of Buddhism, Hinduism, and/or Indian secular culture.

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understanding of Buddhism, Hinduism, and/or Indian secular culture.

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Understanding Indian Contemporary Culture through Music
The common contemporary Indian music consists of remixes, fusion, and Indian pop music. One such artist is Amjad Ali Khan. His music comprises of songs that rely on the sarod instrument. Having learned the art from his father, Amjad became one of the most recognized contemporary musicians from India. Some of his music has been found to challenge ancient understanding while others use the ancient reference to complement modern situations (Liu 230). The most referenced old age texts and ideology in Amjad’s music are the Vedas. This text originates from old age India and provides the artist with the base for contemporary musical content. The immense Vedic contribution of ideologies, style, and meaning to Amjad’s music has provided the modern culture with a means to understand the music better (Goswami 427). It has also allowed modern culture to relate with ancient happenings. Therefore, it is clear to see that contemporary music has a bearing in ancient culture and uses old age Indian ideologies in portraying modern day happenings.
Most modern musicians will argue that Vedas I too ancient text to influence modern culture. However, this argument can be placed to rest based on an analogy that refers to common place events. For instance, when making any repairs to clothing, repeated repairs may result in the final clothing losing its original …

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