Understaffed Hospitals

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Understaffed Hospitals

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Understaffed Hospitals
Needleman, Jack, et al. “Nurse-staffing levels and the quality of care in hospitals.” New England Journal of Medicine 346.22 (2002): 1715-1722.
There has been little information on whether the lower numbers of nurses in the hospital increases the patients’ risk of developing more complications or dying. This source will be used to provide the solid picture if lower staffing of nurses puts the patients under risk.
Clarke, Sean P., Douglas M. Sloane, and Linda H. Aiken. “Effects of hospital staffing and organizational climate on needlestick injuries to nurses.” American Journal of Public Health 92.7 (2002): 1115-1119.
Despite the increased cases where nurses get injuries out of needle-stick, less has been done in finding the causes including the hospital staffing. The study link low staffing to high injury risks will be used to understand measures taken to prevent needle-stick injuries in understaffed hospitals.
Aiken, Linda H., et al. “Hospital nurse staffing and patient mortality, nurse burnout, and job dissatisfaction.” Jama 288.16 (2002): 1987-1993.
Staffing plays an important role in job satisfaction and retention of nurses. This article will be used to understand how staffing levels affect nurse retention and patient outcome.
Coile Jr, Russell C. “Magnet hospitals use culture, not wages, to solve nursing shortage.” Journal of Healthcare Management 46.4 (2001): 224.
With an estimation of over 120,000 nursi…

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