Uncovering Reasonable Doubt

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Uncovering Reasonable Doubt

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TOC o “1-3” h z u Uncovering Reasonable Doubt PAGEREF _Toc433822560 h 2Investigative Case Review PAGEREF _Toc433822561 h 3The Initial Defendant Interview PAGEREF _Toc433822562 h 4Crime Scene Examination PAGEREF _Toc433822563 h 4The Alleged Victim and Witnesses Background Investigation PAGEREF _Toc433822564 h 5Interviewing Witnesses PAGEREF _Toc433822565 h 5Investigating and Testifying Report PAGEREF _Toc433822566 h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc433822567 h 7Work Cited PAGEREF _Toc433822568 h 8
Uncovering Reasonable DoubtMany people have different opinions and ideas about the truth. According to Perron in his book “Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method” quips that an investigator for a criminal defense must be well experienced and able to be able to perform what many people would call the impossible. To him, this includes but is not limited to saving an innocent person from the capital punishment, which is the ultimate sentence (Pg. 8).
According to Dershowitz, it is the duty of the criminal defense investigator to pursue any evidence, and try all he can to disapprove the elements of nay alleged crime, or uncover any evidence that supports the existence of reasonable doubt (Pg.24).
In an ID case, for example, the identification of an eye witness is believed to be the ultimate evidence of the case. According to Whitman, in a landmark 1996 research document by the United States Department of Justice’s, the National Institute of Ju…

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