UK Transportation and Logistics Development

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UK Transportation and Logistics Development

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TOC o “1-3” h z u UK Transportation Development PAGEREF _Toc423229969 h 3Road Transport in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229970 h 4Rail Transportation in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229971 h 4Growth of Logistics in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229972 h 5Factors that have contributed to the growth of transport system in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229973 h 6On time and budget PAGEREF _Toc423229974 h 6Comprehensive investment PAGEREF _Toc423229975 h 6Maximizing economic benefits of the Nation PAGEREF _Toc423229976 h 6Conserving the Environment and Harnessing technology PAGEREF _Toc423229977 h 7Collaborating with the Private Sector PAGEREF _Toc423229978 h 7Give the partners more Control PAGEREF _Toc423229979 h 7References PAGEREF _Toc423229980 h 8
UK Transportation Development
Transportation is considered a key component of human welfare and economic development. The increase in global population requires more efficient and reliable transport systems. Studies show that the efficient transport system is a facilitator for economic growth. In developed nations such as The UK, local and global business and trade depend on the efficiency in the transportation system (Blanes, Paton, & Docherty, 2015). In The UK, transportation is facilitated by rail, road, air and water network systems. In the recent decades, the transportation system of UK has experienced exponential growth and development.
The UK government has invested in t…

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