Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

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Uglies is a science fiction novel that is of great social and cultural significance in the current century. Its exclusive writing and publication took place in the year 2005. The novel is termed as a science fiction given that it conveys a story of a teenager who sought to transform his physical appearance through a scientific process known as cosmetic surgery. It also portrays the rush by the young generation to turn pretty for selfish gains in the present century and going forward through extreme cosmetic surgery (Westerfeld 2). In particular, the novel tells the story of Tally, a teenager, who was determined to go for cosmetic surgery to enhance beauty. Tally’s quest for prettiness portrays his rebellious nature to the society that she lives. This paper gives in-depth analysis of the novel titled Uglies that is widely embraced due to the social message that it conveys. It focuses on general analysis, its theme, setting, dominant motifs and character, symbolism among others.
Its theme
The novel titled “Uglies” adopted change as its theme that is derived from the appearance transformation that younger generation is pursuing. The theme is both emotional and physical. The emotional aspect of the theme is that the surgery changes physical look hence boost individual’s self-esteem, social attachment and ego that are associated with emotion. Young people are feeling confident and liked when they look good. Th…

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