U.S helping with refugees

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U.S helping with refugees

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U.S. Aid to Refugees
According to U.S laws, a refugee is any person who has fled his or her motherland because of a well-defined fear of persecution. The US plan to settle a meager estimate of 21,000 refugees in 2018. This tally is the lowest since 1977 considering it is the midst of the World’s worst refugee crisis. According to a study by Shibley Telhami titled “American Attitudes on Refugees from the Middle East” 24% of the sampled individuals support taking in of refugees from the conflicts of Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, while an equal percentage oppose the idea. (Telhami 2). President Trump administration enacted an executive order slashing the previous set refugee admissions by half. However this remains a bone of contention, it is paramount for the U.S to help refugees after they go through screening and clearing of any security threat to its citizens.
Welcoming refugees has tremendous advantages for both refugees and the country. It is a lifesaving humanitarian gesture that uplifts our values, interests, and humanity as a nation. The resettlement boosts our economy, and we gain sizeable human capital with exemplary individuals who seek asylum in this great nation. President trump government has targeted the least refugee entrance at a meager 45,000 in number. The U.S being the superpower other countries look up to, we risk other nations following suit. In the light of increased conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afgh…

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