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Tudor House England

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Elizabeth I: A Member of the Tudor House of England
The House of Tudor was a ruling family of royals in England that had five leaders during its reign before its end. The family was a descendant of Tudor of Penmynydd, and the first Tudor Monarch was Henry VI of England. However, the selected Monarch for the paper is Elizabeth I who happened to be the last and only female monarch during this reign.
Elizabeth I ruled England and Ireland from September 1533 to March 1603 when she passed away. The reason behind her being the end of all the Tudor Family in the royal lineage was the fact she never had children. She was also known as “The Virgin Queen” because she was childless and was never married and; therefore, she had never had romantic relationships with any man and she died unmarried (Levin 1).
There were a series of challenges she faced in her reign, and one of them was the problem of not having an heir. By not being married, no defined person from the House of Tudor would take charge the throne after her death, and the fear was that the Monarch would be lost to a person out of the Tudor House (Levin 3).
In leadership, however, she has tolerated mistakes, and therefore her reign was marked with fewer persecutions compared to that of her father’s and siblings. The case was the same with religion. She dealt well with her subjects, and they were the same people who played a vital role in defending her when she was…

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