Tuam Children

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Tuam Children

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Mass deaths of children in Tuam Children home could have been avoided if the government and the society worked together to follow-up on the growth of the children (BBC 1). The case happened because the government was so complacent to the extent that many years later; there were no officials that had enquired on the progress of the children who were being brought up in the children home. The high number of children could not go unnoticed if the authority had regulated children’s home and ensure that they conform to the ethical standards (O’dowd 1). Furthermore, despite the children having birth certificates, no one was responsible enough to check on the babies and whether they were kept in good conditions.
The society could have played a significant role in preventing the deaths of the children. High levels of individualism and cultural beliefs that demonized women who got children out of wedlock forced women to take their children to the children home (Barry 1). Some of the mothers could have been well-off to take care of the children. However, they took their children to the children home and left without checking on them because they did not want to be associated with them.
High levels of individualism made it hard for the society to follow-up on the growth of the children (BBC 1). This explains the reason why a large number of children went missing without anyone taking the initiative to know what happened. Therefore, the culture …

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