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Travel Project Screen Shot

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Travel Project Screen Shot
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands is a neighbor of Africa, very close to Europe and has deep cultural ties in America. Its most prized charm is the calm that comes from its extensive beaches with golden sand and crystal clear cobalt blue waters. The peaceful island beams a salty light and, at every step, unveils new delights for a tourist. Furthermore, it is inhabited by lonely maple woods, tamarisk ravines, and palm trees, ditches, salt marshes, hubaras, brown squirrels, and raptors. The elongated island (139 kilometers from Corralejo to Punta de Jandía), is the second of the archipelago as for its surface. Only 52 nautical miles (approximately 100 km) from the African continent. It has the largest coastal platform of the Canaries archipelago, with seabed that are the delights of diving enthusiasts and who, on the surface, become the setting for spectacular world windsurfing championships. The sports, fast as arrows, sailing on the waves at a vertiginous speed, are part of the landscape.
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Travel Project Screen Shot
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1
The Canary Islands Tourism website provides all the tools and content necessary to locate everything on the island, where to sleep and the best experiences.
March is the end of winter and the start of high season for many resorts in F…

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