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Organ transplantation may be the best solution of curing serious diseases that affect the organ system of the body. For instance, organs that can be possibly transplanted are lungs, kidney, heart, liver, pancreas and intestine (Ekland, 2015, p. 149). Clients may need an organ transplant if one of their organs default or fail to its function. Contrary, organ transplant is not a random procedure that any medical professional can perform at any time. But, certain ethical concepts and theories need to be considered before performing any organ transplantation.
More ever, the moral values that are considered during an organ transplant are: respect for individual autonomy, utility and justice (Ekland, 2015, p. 151). Justice incorporates equal distribution of benefit to all patients either rich or poor. Secondly, utility involves considering both the positive and negative impact of organ transplantation in the society. Lastly, respect for personal autonomy involves embracing honesty and commitments in the entire process organ transplantation.
Consequently, by observing the moral values that safeguard organ transplant, it is genuine for younger people to receive a kidney transplant as a priority over older people. For instance, when youths undergo a successful kidney transplant they have a healthy physiologic immune reserve that aid them during the arduous healing time. However, when older people are given the priorit…

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