Transitions in Romantic Relationships and Development of Self-Estem

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Transitions in Romantic Relationships and Development of Self-Estem

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Transitions in Romantic Relationships
Student’s name
Luciano, E. C., & Orth, U. (2017). Transitions in romantic relationships and development of self-esteem. Journal of personality and social psychology, 112(2), 307.
Key variables/theories
The names of key variables investigated in the study were;
Life transitionLongitudinal
Propensity score matching
Self-esteem development
Romantic relationships
Further, the study did not test any propositions central to a certain theory.
2. Purpose/hypothesis
The primary objective of this study was to test socialization effects regarding transition in romantic relationships on individuals’ self-esteem.

The study also investigated the time course of socialization effects.
The study also tested selection effects of self-esteem in regards to transitions in romantic relationships.
3. Subjects
For this study, the subjects included, a total of 9,069 participants 48% of these participants were male and female constituted 52%. The study included three cohorts and for efficiency gender and migration background was relatively even across the three cohorts. The data used for this study were from 9,069 participants. 7,901 participant participated at time 1at time 2 (8,037) about 87% at time 3 (89%), and at time four only 80% participated. Cohort 1 involved a total of 2,893 participants, and the female proportion was 56 with a mean age of 37.2 and a migration background of 23%. Cohort 2 had 2,621 p…

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