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Transfer to Johns Hopkins University

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Personal Statement about the transfer to Johns Hopkins University
I am an undergraduate student who wants to pursue Philosophy, Pre-Law. I wish to transfer to Johns Hopkins University for various reasons, which include academic and other factors beyond academic issues. The institution is located in a place where transportation facilities are adequate and readily available and accessible. Thus, commuting to the institution for my classes will not be a problem. Besides, the University offers chances for gaining experience in the field, outside of classroom. Several extracurricular activities are offered in the University, including sports, internship programs, and research programs competition in which students are awarded for excellent research projects they have conducted. Similarly, the internship programs offered to students provide an edge for learners to apply what has been learned in class in real-world practice (Stewart and Heaney 28). Further, the University is situated near my home, and this is an advantage for me as I will not be required to rent a house within the institution’s environs and the cost of transport will also be significantly reduced. It is also closer to medical facilities, which will be a source of convenience whenever there is any medical emergency.
Johns Hopkins University offers more class options in that one can choose to register for full-time classes, part-time or study online. Through th…

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