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training and development document

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Training and Development Presentation

Training and Development Presentation
In every organization, the employees are the most important factor for its success. This is because they are there main factors of production that gives the input to ensure that the whole process of production takes place. In an organization, it is best to have employee training so that their careers can be fostered and developed through various motivation initiatives. Through training and development, employees get to understand the workings of an organization as they get more skills needed to perform their job better (Lent, Brown & Hackett, 2013. Eventually, it is the organization that will benefit from these initiatives. This presentation will give the importance of employee training as a role of human resource management. It will also address how to implement career development through the use of external and internal resources.
The internal resources include internal forms of training while external resources include mentors who are from other firms. Training should also be done in a way that it is accessed by everyone (Wood, 2013). This offers equal opportunities for the members of the organization. By showing equality and less bias, employees get to know that they are part of the organization and the organization gives everyone equal opportunities (Ford, 2014). In addition to this, increasing the knowledge skills and abilities involve the continuous developmen…

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