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Tourism Cover letter

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to submit my application for the station of clerical help in the medical office as advertised in the Hunter University’s website. I am highly competent and would like to be of service in the marketed position and towards the overall success of my employer.
The opening offered in this advert is very attractive to me, and I believe that my education and far broad experience makes me a competitive applicant for this job. The fundamental strengths that I hold for the accomplishment in this job are my good interpersonal and communication skills and my organization. I have also acquired several social skills including helping learners with linguistic conception assignments and word pronunciation, assisting towards their conversation as an intern composition instructor. I supported as an intern for musical devices management where I helped students with moving and unpacking musical gadgets for different institutions for recital exercises and daily performances. I am equipped with excellent computer skills including proficiency in PowerPoint and Microsoft Word on Mac and Windows platforms. I have an understanding of social media stands such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
In June 2016 I accomplished my studies at Borough of Manhattan Community College graduating with a degree in Arts, Literature and writing major. While in college, I also earned the CUN…

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