Topic Harlem Renaissance and New Historicism

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Topic Harlem Renaissance and New Historicism

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Many historical events play an important role in explaining essential themes in literature. For instance, Harlem Renaissance that was developed in the New York City and it clearly illustrated the subject of social culture. The development was held among the African American cultures to portray the lifestyle of diverse communities. The main activities that were practiced in the events included the art, stage performance, and music among other relevant deeds.
In the ‘Yet Do I Marvel,’ there is the theme of how God is kind to the poet in various ways. At some points, the complaints of how are abandoned by God, while in other instances, he consoles himself that God has a reason for whatever he is going through. Although, there has been a stereotype that the Americans are sometimes hard to make any useful contributions to essential discussions in America. The reference significantly contributed to understanding the poem by using clear illustrations of themes such as the theme of good. It relates to the general message in that it shows how people may be suffering in their daily lives and they still believe that God has a reason for their suffering (Cullen 79).
The poem ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’ is one of the many verses that describe the symbol of water. In this context, the poet explains how he finds it hard to stay with his father whom he has never seen. Usually, water does not remain in the same place for a lon…

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