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Unethical Sourcing
T.J. Maxx and Marshalls is an off-price that has attracted numerous consumers due to the pricing strategy and their unique products. The company has been accused of dealing with suppliers that do not adhere to the established regulations. The suppliers have been accused of paying low wages, about $4, as well as engaging in unfair labour practices. This enables the suppliers to offer the needed products at lower prices hence T.J.X. can pass the benefits to the consumers (Donaldson, 2017). The strategy is working for the business and they have recorded an increase in sales. They are able to offer the needed products at the best prices and more consumers are willing to buy from them. This is working for the business at the current time but may have long-term effects.
Most American consumers are concerned with the price tags and are willing to buy from stores that offer the lowest prices. This has pushed more stores into looking for suppliers offering the cheapest prices. The cost is transferred to the workers who are subjected to substandard working conditions and low wages (Donaldson, 2017). A number of efforts are being put in place to ensure that the consumers look beyond the prices. More consumers are focusing on the suppliers as well as the sourcing techniques used by different firms. Sustainable sourcing focuses on different aspects such as the people, the planet, and the prices.
More consumers might start avoiding stores…

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