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Psychology is a science of the mind and the behavior applying thoughts and feelings to address a particular problem. Psychology specialist is known as a psychiatrist who often takes a significant role in therapy of the affected patients. Dr. Arnold has therapy classes on specified days, and as I am with treatment to encompass rules, she issues a directive that all the patients must refrain from substance use when they are attending classes. An instance arises where a dilemma has to be solved by the doctor revolving around Janet who has been secretly using alcohol and opiates, and her friend decides to reveal the secret. A dilemma is raised and tasks the doctor whether to stop Janet from attending classes and what proves will he give to Janet without interfering with her friendship and Chantel.
As a psychiatrist, it’s upon the doctor to understand the role of friendship created by the clients as a way to recover when patients find one to share their problems. Of course, if Janet is undergoing urinalysis screening, the result won’t be positive since she plans on how to use the drugs (Komasi, Zakiei, Saeidi & Moghani, 2016). Another factor that must come into play is how to approach her and give her the source of information without creating a conflict of misunderstanding without Janet and Chantel who are perfect friends.
DR Arnold must use the discipline of psychology where Janet will be invited to the office after othe…

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