Theory Analysis

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Theory Analysis

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Theory Analysis

Theory Analysis
The current world, which entails cosmopolitan and metropolitan societies, experiences several instances of unfairness. This unfairness, which is depicted in diverse aspects, from the normal life that individuals live in their families to extended families, villages, cities, and states among other greater parts of the world, has brought about inequalities among different people. The society is full of social classes that segregate individuals. Low-income families live among families with high-income. It has been established that individuals from poorer neighborhoods tend to get involved in criminal activities more compared to those from affluent neighborhoods. This paper seeks to highlight certain theories that explain the link between inequality and the occurrence of crime in the society. It illustrates the occurrence of crime and demonstrates the correlation between the crime and class inequality. Additionally, the paper sheds light on specific theories of crime that explain the instance of crime discussed.
Inequality directly relates to criminal activities. This means that social and economic imbalance in the society contributes to the rate of crime experienced (Walker, Spohn and Delone, 2012). Similarly, the social and economic inequality means that the people who commit crime are sometimes the same people that become the victims. Additionally, inequality within the society explains the disparity in the society on…

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