Cyberattack Brief

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Cyberattack Brief

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Cyber-attack Brief
The City of Davis water department is facing an imminent threat. There have been incidences that predict that something that is about to come is likely to be an attack. The basis of the offence is not presently known, the king of attack or the target area of the attack in the department is not known either. What is present for the investigative team is the fact that there are a few incidences that give an insight into the possibility of the attack. One incident in the past month involved a lock at the north gate being interfered with even though nothing else was touched the incident is suspicious. The second incident was when one of the employee car being broken into. Nothing much was taken only a company provided laptop together with his badge (Day, Paul, 23).
As a department, it has to take precautions for any possible results of the ongoing events. There might be a possible attack on the department and vital information leaked into the wrong hands. The moment the above occurs most of the actions will be irreversible and since prevention is better than cure the department has to do what it takes to protect itself against anything that may come in (Day, Paul, 23).
The community has to respond to the attack by becoming more vigilant and reporting any slight case to the authority it may lead to finding the perpetrators of the attacks. This will eventually prevent anything possible to occur. It the attack occurs in any w…

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