Network Forensics Summary

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Network Forensics Summary

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Being in a team of forensic examiners and working in the department of the homeland security, our task would be to intervene cybercrimes, critically evaluate and stop any signs of criminal activities that have been discovered. Having the intel of the existence of human trafficking from the servers and having evidence that this pertains to the network, we would focus on collecting the data concerning the issue. The data will be used to monitor the malicious activities of the networks involved intimately, and we can draw meaningful conclusions from there. The main aim of the computer forensic investigator is to scrutinize the information acquired from the storage devices and other related devices and check if the data has been compromised by people who can misuse it. Various methodologies such us Dynamic and Static accompanied by tools such as Encase or Prodiscover will be employed during the investigation by the forensic team to ensure that the network of the organization is secure against malicious attacks (Computer Forensics Investigation – A Case Study 1). To become a competent computer forensic investigator, it will be inevitable to be acquainted with the laws and regulation that govern cybersecurity crimes in different countries. Also, it will be prudent to be aware of the operating system in use as that will give one insight of the method and tools to use during the operation.

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