Theories of personality to current research

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Theories of personality to current research

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Influence of Personality on Behavior
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The paper explores a research on self-pity, anger and their behavioral characteristics and how they are related to personality theories. Self-pity is a common response to stress so far, even though, empirical studies has paid little attention to the subject. This paper is aimed at exploring personality features related to individual differences in self-pity. A study among university students was done with a sample size N = 141, with 66 males and 75 females using multidimensional indicators of anger, control beliefs, loneliness, personality, and adult attachment (Stöber, 2003, p. 195). Considering personality, results indicated strong relationships of self-pity with neuroticism, especially with the depression facet. Regarding the control beliefs, individuals high in self-pity showed generalized externality beliefs, seeing themselves as controlled by both chance and other powerful variables. The scores for the items are computed by getting the sum across the items. The big five personality traits were measured on a five-factor model with the NEO-FFI (NEO Five Factor Inventory). NEO-FFI comprise of a five 12-item scale that capture individual differences in neuroticism. With respect to anger expression, self-pity was principally related to anger. Strong relationships with anger rumination were also found. Additionally, persons with high in self-pity reported ambivalent-worrisome attachments and e…

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