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Theo Progress Note

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Theo Progress Note
Progress Note
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Theo continues to make progress in handwriting and paying attention. Apparently, he can sit still in the classroom and focus on studies. Although at times he gets distracted, it is not as often as it used to be earlier. It turns out that the attention games that he engages in have helped improve his concentration. Even at home, Theo does his homework with much ease. His mother says that doing homework is no longer a nightmare. Regarding the handwriting, Theo is now able to hold a pencil without applying too much pressure. As a result, he can hold a pencil in such a way that he is able to form letters and numbers correctly.
Theo’s pre-writing skills have profoundly improved as he can now draw circles and horizontal lines just the way they are. He no longer makes them extremely large or small. At the same time, Theo is able to maintain letters and number between lines. He can as well write letter “z” in the right way, unlike the way he used to form it backward. Nonetheless, he has a problem with placing some letters on the baseline, and hence they appear suspended. More so, Theo is still not able to reproduce squares as they are since he tends to slant or extend them on one side. So far, it appears that Theo can now follow simple directions as he does whatever he is told to do during the occupational therapy sessions without hesitation. This…

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