The Weight of the Nation

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The Weight of the Nation

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The Weight of the Nation
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The Weight of the Nation
In the past, obesity was common among the rich in America. However, currently, the trend has changed whereby research shows that a majority of low-income earners are more obese as compared to the high-income earners. American counties with poverty rates of over 35% have been seen to have obesity rates of more than 145% when compared to the rich counties. This is attributed to the reduced costs of junk foods and increased prices in healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. Therefore, this paper explores the correlation between the level of income and obesity in Americans.
Research has proven that more low-income earners in America suffer from obesity when compared to the high-income earners (HBODocs, 2012). They are predisposed to weight-related diseases like hypertension and diabetes. For instance, in the lowest income county in New York, South Bronx, rates of obesity are evidently high. The area is predominantly filled with fast food joints where foods like chips and soda which are cheap and easily accessible to the residents are sold. These fast food outlets are highly advertised such that it’s hard for a person not to spot them while hungry and in the neighborhood (HBODocs, 2012). Also, the residents who have to work for long hours in order to cater for their needs, lack time to prepare a meal hence end up having no option but consuming junk foods which are affordable to them…

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