The Watts Rebellion Of 1965

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The Watts Rebellion Of 1965

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Introduction – Watts’s rebellion in 1965
The Watts rebellion is the worst Negroes riots and demonstration in the history of Los Angeles. The worst and destructive series of riots occurred in 1965 in the neighborhood of Watts, Los Angeles. The event occurred from the 11th to 17 August in 1965 where property worth over 30-100 million dollars was destroyed, and over 35 people lost their lives (Bart 1). According to the New York Times, over 1400 people were arrested while 600 people got serious injuries. The Negroes staged the riots in protest of extreme harassment of the black population in Los Angeles and other cities in the nation. According to the New York Times by (Bart 1), the riots became difficult to contain as Los Angeles police department were weighed down by the angry Negroes mob thereby prompting them to seek assistance from the California Amy National Guard. Before the Rodney King riots in 1992, the riot was recorded as the worst riot to be ever experienced in Los Angeles. This paper explores details about Watt’s rebellion the occurred in the year 1965. It covers its causes, effects, and mitigation initiatives.
Thesis statement
Categorical analysis of Watts’s rebellion detailing the events from the initial spark to the withdrawal of troops and return of normalcy based on the current information.
Events and causes of the Watts riots
As noted in the New York Times by Merritt (1), various events led to the extreme nature…

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