The Verbal Art of Akan Linguist Staffs.

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The Verbal Art of Akan Linguist Staffs.

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The Verbal Art of Akan Linguist Staffs.
The Akan, a unique community, found in Ghana has maintained its culture since prehistoric times. These people develop art using verbal as well as visual nexuses. This art contains symbolic meaning which has their basis on the oral. Proverbs are perceived as important and crucial aspects of the Akan people. The proverbs have relations with the various carved images which are created on the finals. The statement “It should be evident at this point that intelligent oratory and wise behavior are highly valued traits among the Akan” shows that the staffs use these aspects when interacting (Ross 66). The art has been used for a long time and has been believed to have the potential to pass the intended message.

Various objects including gold, stool, hairstyle, adornment as well as clothing are part of visual art among these people. For instance, most of the staffs and other sculptures use by the people who are high ranking in the community such as chiefs are made of gold. These objects indicate that the staffs are important people and therefore wise. All of them have a meaning which is represented by the figures which are designed in the staffs. Also, the palm tree is perceived as an important factor among the staff. “The palm tree is viewed as the strongest plant in the bush; thus it an apt metaphor for the chief” (Ross 60). This indicates that the chief will be rememb…

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